New $500,000 Grant Opportunity Seeks Innovative, Cooperative Approaches to Addressing Richmond-Area Needs

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 18, 2014 – The Robins Foundation, one of Central Virginia’s oldest and largest philanthropic enterprises, has announced an unprecedented grant opportunity that challenges Richmond-area nonprofit organizations to devise creative and collaborative solutions to the region’s most confounding issues.  In keeping with the size of the new grant – upwards of $500,000 – organizations are encouraged to think BIG.

The inaugural Lora M. and E. Claiborne Robins, Sr. Community Innovation Grant, to be awarded annually, will fund one proposal that “celebrates the imaginative, cooperative spirt of Greater Richmond.”  The award of up to a half-million dollars is designed to support a project that addresses an unmet community need or issue in emerging neighborhoods.  Proposals ideally should demonstrate three elements: (1) an innovative approach to solving the need; (2) strategic collaboration; and (3) the potential for wider, long-term impact.

“We are tremendously excited to lay down this challenge to the Richmond-area nonprofit community and eagerly anticipate the creative and collaborative solutions that find their way to us,” said Sheryl Robins Nolt, board chair of the Robins Foundation. “This grant is innovation capital, funds that will give nonprofits the latitude to think bigger and more boldly than ever before. We hope that this investment also spurs a greater spirit of teamwork among potential nonprofit partners. We know firsthand their work is made all the more effective when undertaken shoulder to shoulder with other allied organizations.”

The Community Innovation Grant is among an array of new funding categories recently launched by the Robins Foundation.  It is one of the grant opportunities in the Visionary Partnerships category.  Other funding priorities include: Strong Nonprofits, designed to strengthen the management and operation of the region’s nonprofits; Thriving People, initiatives that give children and families the tools to live productive lives; and Dynamic Community, focused on improving the quality of life in Richmond neighborhoods.

The deadline for grant proposals for the Community Innovation Grant is Monday, September 15.  More information can be found on the “What We Fund” page.

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