Q: When is a grant open for applications?

A: In order to learn of new grant opportunities, you must register with our online grants management system.  As long as you are registered, you will receive an automated email the moment an application is available.

NOTE: Receiving an email does not constitute eligibility for available opportunity.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: 501(c)(3) organizations recognized by the IRS and providing services to the Greater Richmond area are eligible to apply. At the start of the application, all applicants will be administered an eligibility quiz to determine further eligibility.  To save yourself time, PLEASE check our website and read the details we have provided.

Q: How do I apply for a grant?

A: You can only apply for a grant ONLINE! We do not accept proposals submitted any other way.

Once logged in, click on “Available Opportunities”.  When grants are available, the title of the grant will be listed along with a button that says, “Apply Now”. Click the button to apply. You will apply by answering questions and uploading documents.  The link is https://robinsfdn.smartsimple.com.

Q: If I submit a proposal, when will I be eligible for other funding opportunities?

A: Organizations seeking funding via a Community Focus Area grant (under our goals of Strong Nonprofits, Thriving People and Dynamic Community) may apply once per 12 month cycle.

Q: If I am unable to apply by a deadline, will I have another opportunity to apply for a grant?

A: Please see our website for additional funding opportunities and deadlines for other grant proposals.



Q: I am logged into the grants management system. Where is the grant application?

A: To see the application you must first register with our system.  Once you have done so and received your temporary password, log in.  Select “Available Opportunities” from the menu bar.  Click on the “Apply Now” button to begin the application process.  Make sure your organization profile updated.

Q: How do I know if my proposal is applicable?

A: Please see our What We Fund page.  Our Directors of Community Innovation and Partnerships are available to discuss your proposal as long as the cycle in which you are applying is not open.

Q: What do I need to provide as a part of my application?

A: In addition answering all questions on the grant application, you are required to upload several documents.  Those documents are:

  • A copy of IRS determination letter
  • Project budget
  • Most recent Form 990*
  • A board list
  • Organization budget
  • Audited financial statements*

*If the audited financial statements or form 990 do not include the most recent fiscal year then the applicant will also need to upload their internal financial statements.

Q: Once I’ve started the application, do I have to finish it in one sitting?

A: No.  Once you are registered in the system and select, “Apply Now” for the available grant, you are able to save your progress and resume at any time before the deadline expires.

Q: Once I’ve submitted my proposal, can I edit it if the deadline has not passed?

A: Once you have submitted your proposal online, that submission is considered final.  You are not able to edit your responses.  Please make sure you review your proposal prior to submitting.  Also, remember the system allows you to save your work, exit and resume at a later time.  You do not have to complete the application all at once.  Take your time.

Q: How do I resolve an issue with your grants management system?

A: If you run into difficulty while attempting to navigate or submit a proposal through our online system, please notify us.