Partnership for Families

PARTNERSHIP STEP 3: The one-stop-shop.

The Partnership for Families started out around Sally’s dining table. As it expanded into larger offices, the Robins Foundation remained committed to enabling the Partnership to realize Sally’s original vision: A one-stop-shop where any family with young children could walk in one door and access high quality, wrap-around services – everything they needed to empower themselves to become self-sufficient while also strengthening the community.

By 2012, the Partnership for Families’ Lora M. Robins Learning Center opened its doors.

Today, the facility has a childcare center, plug-and-play office facilities for partnering organizations, and a lean, efficient support staff of just six full-time and three part-time personnel all under one roof. In these ways, along with a data-sharing initiative, the Partnership for Families is making a real difference in three areas:

  • Core needs, including transportation, affordable housing, child care, health care and more
  • Family economic success, including jobs and income, savings, asset building, and financial literacy
  • Early childhood development, including early literacy, parent literacy, and parenting skills

The results are measurable:

  • More collaborative case management around specific families
  • Fact-based monitoring of how well families access services to ensure no one falls through the cracks
  • Improvements in PAL scores 
Partnership Building

The vision: a one-stop-shop where any family with young children could walk in one door and access high quality, wrap-around services.

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