Reserve Our Space

Robins Foundation is committed to accessibility and offers up numerous resources to community partners. One of the resources available is our work space.

Fill out the Reservation Request Form and email it to to request space in our office for meetings/events for your organization.

Meeting space is available to community partners, Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

NOTE: Organizations that have applied for a competitive grant are not permitted to use our space while under review.  We have set this policy in place in order to remain transparent to our grantees and remove any appearance of what may seem to be preferential treatment or a conflict of interest.

The Slate Room:

The Slate Room, great for small board retreats and meetings is a conference room at the front of the building that seats eight. The room is equipped with:

  • Smart TV accessible by Mac and PC
  • Wi-Fi
  • Conference Table
  • Voice Conferencing capabilities

The Zone:

The Zone is a large room near the back of the office that is less traditional. The meeting space is comprised of sofas, chairs and a large coffee table. It comfortably fits between twelve and fifteen people and has lots of wall space for posters and flipcharts. The room also has Wi-Fi access and voice conferencing capabilities.

Large Central Room/Family Room:

Family Room

The Family Room is at the center of the office. It contains a large, tall table that seats twenty. The room includes:

  • Smart TV, accessible by Mac and PC
  • Wi-Fi
  • Voice Conferencing capabilities

We encourage groups that may want to hold a retreat to consider also reserving a second room to use for lunch or as a break-out room for small group sessions.

NOTE: When reserving any space within the Robins Foundation building, please remember it is a working office. Phones will ring and Robins staff will be moving about as they continue their day-to-day activity.