Storytelling: Seeing and Believing in our Community’s Youth

In a follow-up to our post last week in support Higher Achievement, we’d like to share a story from a member of their team. Read about how working at Higher Achievement bolstered one person’s community spirit and allowed them to see and believe in the potential of our community’s youth. Seeing and Believing in our…

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Fostering Understanding and Acceptance Through Diverse Perspectives

Robins Foundation is committed to ensuring every student has a fair shot at a successful and empowering education, career and life. So we partner with organizations who support year-round education like Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) who provide workshops for educators and summer retreats for students designed to help eliminate disparities in academic achievement…

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A healthy, reliable diet all year is important for success in school.

Studies show reliable access to healthy, filling food increases kindergarten preparedness, which can lead to better outcomes and reduce some of the challenges vexing this region That’s why Robins Foundation supports organizations like Tricycle Gardens that use innovation to solve inequalities in the Richmond area. Tricycle has a unique approach to eliminating food deserts and…

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MISSION: To lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning, and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

VISION: The Robins Foundation will advance the greater Richmond community through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and education, all of which will serve as a model for creating an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

Our Funding Drivers


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Partnering with nonprofits, peers and community leaders to achieve measurable results.

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Leveraging innovative programs to drive policy and action to benefit the entire region.

Learn how we supported a statewide STEM initiative


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Welcoming and empowering all voices to create an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

Learn how we helped a community tap into their own power to improve fairness


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