Inspired to Serve

In part two of our in our video series with Board Chair Juliet Shield-Taylor, she tells us what inspired her to become a member of the Robins board and talks about the importance of “giving while you are living”.

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Growing Up in The Robins Family

In this first of three videos from Juliet Shield-Taylor, Robins Foundation Board Chair and first grandchild of E. Claiborne and Lora M. Robins, she shares memories of her grandparents, their words of wisdom and how she came to write her grandfather’s biography.

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World Teachers’ Day – October 5th

At Robins Foundation, we are working to shape an ecosystem wherein every student can receive an excellent education and a solid footing for college and/or career. The teachers who are dedicated to helping students work toward success on a day-to-day basis are an integral element of that ecosystem. Today, in honor of World Teachers Day,…

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MISSION: To lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning, and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

VISION: The Robins Foundation will advance the greater Richmond community through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and education, all of which will serve as a model for creating an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

Our Funding Drivers


Little girls playing

Partnering with nonprofits, peers and community leaders to achieve measurable results.

Learn about our ongoing relationship with a local community support center


young boy w/ circuit boards

Leveraging innovative programs to drive policy and action to benefit the entire region.

Learn how we supported a statewide STEM initiative


Virginia Union graduation

Welcoming and empowering all voices to create an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

Learn how we helped a community tap into their own power to improve fairness


We are here to help! Please let us know what we might do for you…


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