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Managing the Impact of COVID-19

Richmonders were faced tremendous obstacles throughout 2020: a global pandemic, an economic roller coaster, protests due to racial unrest and a divided political environment are just some of the issues our community lived with throughout the year. Yet, for every challenge, Robins Foundation has sought opportunities to be responsive to our community and to deepen our commitment to partnerships. The issues have not retreated in 2021, and neither have we. Take a look at the ongoing developments in our efforts to manage the impact of COVID-19 on Richmond children and families.

MISSION: To lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning, and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

VISION: The Robins Foundation will advance the greater Richmond community through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and education, all of which will serve as a model for creating an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

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