Juliet Shield-Taylor (left) with her two daughters.

Juliet Shield-Taylor (left) with her two daughters.

“I believe that the greatest religion is not necessarily going to church every Sunday, but it’s one who lives a life more or less based on the golden rule. It sounds rather corny, I know, but let’s face it, if you live by the golden rule and treat other people the way you’d like to be treated, you can’t go too far wrong…I try every day to make at least one person happier than the day before. It’s fairly easy to do, even without a conscious effort. What a world this would be if everybody did one thing a day to make somebody feel a little happier.” E. Claiborne Robins

Dear Friends-

We had big expectations for 2020 as most people did. When I look back on my 2020 Chair’s message, which was written and published before the COVID-19 shutdown, I am struck by how prescient those hopes were in terms of predicting our actions throughout the year.

One word I think best describes the Robins Foundation board and staff during the past year: resiliency.

We spent much of the year reacting to the community needs as they happened around us. We supported those needs as best we could when the world seemed to cave in around us. We course- corrected along the way. We met weekly and then bi-weekly and then monthly as the pandemic wore on. We, along with our peers and partners, rose to the challenges we experienced. We listened closely, worked through issues, and tried to stay hopeful. I think we succeeded!

I am looking forward to getting together in person again soon. We miss seeing our families and nonprofit partners and community peers. Our focus on education will endure as will a hope that all Richmonders have a better opportunity to thrive this year.

I appreciate your community resolve and partnership during these trying times.