Message from the Chair

“If you could instill (values of sacrifice, personal effort and industry) in your children – and I worry about this for my grandchildren, it would be tremendous. I don’t know anything that you could pass onto your children more important than values like integrity, loyalty, dedication and generosity…” E. Claiborne Robins

My grandparents were compassionate, empathetic and accessible community leaders. Their legacy inspires three generations of thoughtful philanthropists and visionaries, and it is a legacy we strive to nurture and deepen.

Our philanthropic work in the Richmond region echoes the innovative and generous spirit of my grandparents’ view of the world: supporting people and embracing the promise of a bright future. They were always planning and looking ahead.

We will be looking ahead in 2020 as we plan to engage our own family members to join the family legacy of philanthropy and service to community. They will be the 4th generation of Robins descendants to participate on making the Richmond region a thriving, dynamic place for all.

We look forward to celebrating our shared milestones together in the New Year.

All my best!