Message from the CEO

“Be a long-term investor. Don’t go into the market with the idea of buying today and selling tomorrow… take a fairly long-term approach, usually five years or more. So many decisions in life are NOT made because there is a risk, but I have found that everything in life is a risk. People who are afraid to take a risk rarely get anywhere…” E. Claiborne Robins

Prophetic and telling words from our founder, who believed in thinking big and thinking differently. The Robins Foundation has been investing in the Richmond region for more than six decades and we have been taking risks to make our community better for all to reach their potential and thrive.

Winning for Children and Families

We’ve been working for a few years with our partners to support education policy change. Many entrenched challenges in our community cannot be addressed with programmatic support alone – we worked to update local and state policy for programs to achieve some big results.

Recently Governor Northam proposed a state budget which highlighted an historic investment in early childhood care and education. A total of $94.8 million in new funding will transform the Commonwealth’s early childhood education system to increase access for at-risk three- and four-year-old children, establish uniform accountability standards, and ensure educators have the training and support they need, especially in child care settings. WIN!

Just as important as our emphasis on the importance of early childhood education we have worked alongside provider and funder partners to launch a city-wide system opening access for more children into quality out of school time programs and enrichment opportunities. WIN!

The year 2020 feels like a big deal. Building on our community’s successes and achievements of 2019 will be no easy task. We feel tremendous hope that 2020 can be a year of excellence and achievement for the Richmond region. Our resolution is to be tireless advocates for children and families and to use our resources to capture the family voice and amplify it!

Let’s Have a Conversation About Community, Together

Check out our website for updated links to studies, statistics and other publications helpful to community building and good works.  As always, feel free to add to our community dialogue.  We invite you to partner with us and provide thoughts and feedback via email at, Subject line: “Friendly Suggestion”.

We look forward to celebrating our shared milestones together in the New Year.