Partnership for Families

At Robins Foundation, our mission is to lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

In line with that mission and our commitment to supporting organizations that share our interest in enriching whole families, and whole neighborhoods, we launched the Partnership for Families (PFF) and built the Lora M. Robins Family Learning Center (LMRFLC) in 2012. This partnership was formed to support vulnerable families in Northside neighborhoods and ensure children were ready for kindergarten.

To optimize all our investments and partnerships, we make regular assessments which include listening to the voices of the families in the community. To that end PFF and Robins partnered on a deep assessment of the strengths and challenges of Northside in an effort to more effectively target services, programs and resources. The assessment revealed opportunities to make adjustments to better align with the needs and priorities of Northside families. PFF identified a national, evidence-based program model to better address the challenges of families in underserved communities. This model, The National Center for Families Learning Program (NCFL), is designed to build parents’ capacity to support their children’s growth, development and academic success, while also building their own skills.

At the same time, we began to explore a new approach to the ownership and operation of the LMRFLC that would allow us to increase the impact of the facility on children and families in the Northside. This exploration revealed greatest impact could be achieved by selling the LMRFLC to a partner who would continue to provide children’s programming and services and address the most immediate needs of the community, and to reinvest proceeds from the sale into programs and opportunities in in the community. VCU purchased the building and continues to operate the childcare facility at the location.

With their transformation to the new service-delivery model, PFF made the decision to move its offices and programs deeper into the Northside community, allowing them to provide an even higher level of support to children and families in this community. The new location is at 3030 Meadowbridge Road in Highland Park.

With its new model and location, PFF and a small network of key central Virginia partners provide deep, wrap-around support to families, including:

  • Quality early childcare and education
  • Parenting training through in-classroom experiences with their children
  • Parent skill building in areas such as: nutrition and health, financial literacy and wealth building, mental health, child development, service learning and leadership development
  • Trauma-informed family case management

About Partnership for Families

Established in 2004, Partnership for Families empowers Northside families, so their young children get to school ready to read and learn. Learn more about their commitment and mission at or contact Veronica Fleming at 804-353-4264 or

Robins remains committed to supporting organizations in Northside and throughout the region that, like Robins, have a strong interest in enriching whole families and whole neighborhoods. Our founders’ vision was to collaborate and engage with others working to nurture a greater, stronger Richmond for all. We will continue to build on this vision.

Please share your questions and comments with us. Community input is important to our process. Email us at or call (804) 523-1144.

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